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Being Ready for a Relationship
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The Wedding Isn't Important 
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Where to Spend the Holidays
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Common Courtesy
Finding it Charming
Support Each Other's Dreams
Alone Time
Try It - You'll Like It
Now You're Cooking!
The Major Procedure
It Won't be Perfect
Ditch the Defensiveness
Indulge Each Other 

Christian Geek Articles 

Top Ten Reasons You Should Read My Book 
Free Christian Scripts
David Boreanaz Tweeted Me! 
 Where's My Remote?
 Play All
To the Death
Shaky Cam is the Tool of the Devil
That Dreaded First Draft 
Getting my Money's Worth: Video Games
Games as Literature
Why we should care about The Oatmeal
Can I be part of the conspiracy?
The Madagascar Problem
  Comparing the Spider-Man movies
Advantage: Print Books
My Zombie Plan
The Enemy of Good
 I Support Marriage
Busy Work Programming
We Can't Live in Fear
Truth, Justice, and The Muppet Way
Is Seinfeld still a good pop culture reference?
Never Outgrow Playing
Your Mental Survival Kit
When Did Salt and Vinegar Chips Become Delicious?
I Love the Second Draft
Revolution's Lost Problem
SNL Has Always Been This Funny
Rethinking my Worst Movie Ever
 The Penny Dilema
Do You Still Call it a DVD?
Sherlock versus Sherlock
 Announcing my First Short Story
Quoth the Speaker
 How I Got Over Myself and Learned to Love Community
Why We Need Frivolous Bad News
The Smart Choice is Boring  
This Guide to Tipping
I Blame George Takei
The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Problem
My cap gun
What do you call a group of leprechauns?
Harry Potter and the Hindsight Bias
Comedy Advice (part 1)

This Open Letter:

To George Lucas
To our Future Robot Overlords
To Coasters
To Mechanical Pencil
To Battletoads
To People who sit in their parked cars
To The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
To Nintendo 
To Strawberry Ice Cream
To Clint Eastwood's Chair
To Vending Machines
To DVD Commentaries
To Christmas Music
To My Fellow Christians
To Superbowl Commercials
To My Page-A-Day Calender
To Gays
To the Used Game Sticker I Can't Fully Peel Off
To Gay Marriage Opponents 
To My Brain
To My DVD Collection
To Paramount
To My Leftovers
To People who say "Happy Holidays"
To the Clerk I Berated
To America
To TvTropes 


Pop Culture Catalog

Pixar, Savior of Humanity
Six Silly Movie Premises that Worked
Movie Third Acts that Worked

How I Met Your Mother Reviews

7.1 & 7.2 - Season Seven Premiere
7.3 - Ducky Tie
7.4 - Stinson Missile Crisis
7.5 - Field Trip
7.6 - Mystery vs. History 
7.7 - Noretta 
7.8 - The Slutty Pumpkin Returns 
7.9 - Disaster Averted
7.10 - Tick Tick Tick 
7.11 - The Rebound Girl 
7.12 - Symphony of Illumination
7.13 - Tailgate
7.14 - 46 Minutes
7.15 - The Burning Beekeeper
7.16 - The Drunk Train
7.17 - No Pressure
7.18 - Karma
7.19 - The Broath
7.20 - Trilogy Time
7.21 - Now We're Even
7.22 - Good Crazy
7.23 & 7.24 - The Magician's Code
Season 7 Recap
8.1 - Farhampton
8.2 - The Pre-Nup
8.3 - Nannies
8.4 - Who Wants to be a Godparent?
8.5 - The Autumn of Break-Ups
8.6 - Splitsville
8.7 - The Stamp Tramp
8.8 - Twelve Horny Women
8.9 - Lobster Crawl
8.10 - The Overcorrection
8.11 & 8.12 - The Final Page
8.13 - Band or DJ?
8.14 - Ring Up
8.15 - PS I Love You
8.16 - Bad Crazy
8.17 - The Ashtray
8.18 - Weekend at Barney's
8.19 - The Fortress
8.20 - The Time Travelers    
8.21 - Romeward Bound
8.22 - The Bro Mitzvah
8.23 - Something Old
8.24 - Something New
9.1 & 9.2 - The Locket/Coming Back
9.3 - Last Time in New York
9.4 - The Broken Code
9.5 - The Poker Game
9.6 - Knight Vision
9.7 - No Questions Asked
9.8 - The Lighthouse
9.9 - Platonish
9.10 - Mom and Dad
9.11 - Bedtime Stories
9.12 - The Rehearsal Dinner
9.13 - Bass Player Wanted
9.14 - Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra
9.15 - Unpause
9.16 - How Your Mother Met Me
9.17 - Sunrise
9.18 - Rally
9.19 - Vesuvius
9.20 - Daisy
9.21 - Gary Blauman
9.22 - The End of the Aisle
9.23 & 2.24 - Last Forever 

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