Monday, July 16, 2012

This Open Letter to: IMDB

Dear IMDB,

Thank you for saving my marriage. I really can't stress how many pointless arguments you've prevented over the years. Whenever my wife and I see a movie or watch something on TV, we never argue about who that actor or actress is. We never argue about what sitcom they used to star in or what obscure cartoon character thy once voiced. We don't have those kinds of arguments because we can easily look it up. Thank you for that.

I'm sure we're not the only couple you've helped. There have got to be millions of couples out there who have argued endlessly over who played what in this or that. Before you existed, these pointless arguments quickly spiraled out of control: unkind word were said, things were thrown, someone was stabbed. Thankfully, you were there to present these future stabbings. Now all it takes is an internet connection and peace and harmony are restored.

I cannot overemphasize how much my wife and I appreciate your existence.We use your website's name as a verb. When we're watching television, one of us will simple "Imdb" that information about the third guy from the left in that How I Met Your Mother episode. Now we can watch television together without fear. Even better, we won't spend half the night trying to remember what we saw that actress in. used to, we'd lose sleep over it. Now, we just Imdb it.

If there ever was a website title that deserved to be verbed, it's yours. When you "Google" something, it means to use Google or some other search engine to look something up. To Imdb someone is a more specific task deserving of it's own designation. I'm not just looking up any information, I'm looking for this person's resume as an actor, director, producer, performer, or "himself." Besides, while Googling can refer to any website, there's still only one place to Imdb. I hope others agree that we should add that verb to the lexicon.

To Imdb is more than just saving relationships. You also provide a valuable service for know-it-alls who like to spout random information when there's a lull in the conversation. Whether it's the roles an actor played before becoming famous, or obscure movie trivia about which scenes were improvised, there's always something to talk about now.

In addition, I can't wait to Imdb a movie as soon as I get home from seeing it. I ca't wait to click on the trivia link to learn about all the little details I may have missed. It's great to know I was right about that uncredited cameo. When we Imdb a movie, it adds to the overall enjoyment and makes it a much richer experience. At least, that's what I've come to find.

So thank you for saving our marriages, giving us conversation fodder, and letting us know the movie better without having to sit through the commentary track.

Always appreciative,

Charles B. French

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