Guest Speaker

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that facts are forgettable; stories stick. A story is what motivates and inspires us, it's what spurs us to action and enables us to achieve great things. I believe everyone has a story worth telling, and I've spent my life helping others tell theirs. As a speaker, I share these insights as I inspire my audience to find their stories.

All of us have a story worth telling. All of us have a story that drives us. Every message, be it political, religious, sales, or anything else boils down to a story. I want to help you find your story, and that's what I talk about. Whether it is as a keynote speaker, a guest speaker, or even leading a seminar, my listeners come away with a better sense of thinf their stories. 

My topics include:
  • Selling Your Story - How a good story can drive sales
  • Political Stories - Why a winning campaign is a winning story
  • The Story of Us - Understanding your relationship's story and what it means for you
  • The Moral Story - How to tell stories to make a point
  • Facts are Forgettable; Stories Stick - Why stories are essential in teaching
  • Cautionary Tales - How stories of past failure can help us in the future

I've spoken in front of hundreds of diverse audiences, and I am equally adept in small as well as large audiences. I've conducted numerous corporate trainings, served as an emcee, entertained as a humorous speaker, and successfully hosted many events. I have also won many speaking awards through Toastmasters International.

I would love a chance to tell my stories, and more importantly, help you find yours.