Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Best and Worst Live-Action 3D Movies

I think we can all agree that 3D is now officially a thing. It comes and goes every decade or so and is usually a passing gimmick, but this time it seems to be here for the duration. For now.

When it comes to animated movies, the 3D is usually pretty good, at least from a visual standpoint. However, live action is a whole different animal (probably a lemur) and it’s a lot more hit and miss. And when it misses, you’re sitting in the theater wearing silly glasses wondering whether paying almost double for tickets was really worth it.

My focus is on the 3D itself, as that’s the point of seeing one of these films. I’m there for the spectacle, as are many of you. Thus, this one time I’m going to give other factors a pass.

First, I want to take a look at the three best live-action 3D films and then we’ll rubberneck as we pass by the wreckage of the three worst. (Note: I originally wrote this list before seeing Hugo, and that film definitely deserves to be on the Best 3D Movie list.)

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