Monday, September 26, 2011

This Review of 'Ducky Tie'

Quick Review: It had potential, but didn't quite live up to it.

Full Review: The theme was boobs. Lily has them and Ted is one. This episode was uncomfortable and hard to watch. I like these characters, I am still rooting for them, but it's getting harder. Part of that is the writers, who sometime around season five forgot how great these characters were and relied more on banal gags rather than genuine character moments.

Take Barney's Twitter comments. First, Twitter's been around for a long time, guys, so it isn't as cutting edge as you think it is. Secondly, they just weren't that creative and reeked of trying too hard.

The boob bet was another one of those forced moments that could have flowed more naturally from the characters. I do like the idea of Barney's long con, particularly his Pavlovian training of Marshall. However, while bets between Marshall and Barney can be funny, this one drunkenly staggered down the line of between being edgy and clever and typical-sitcom crude. They've done better.

Ted and Victoria, what can we say? I would have loved to see Ted and Victoria have an honest, grown-up conversation about where they've been these past six years. If Ted isn't going to grow as a character, then at least let Victoria be older and wiser. But instead of being a blast from Ted's past who would help get his life in order so he is worthy of 'The Mother,' she becomes just another awkward mistake.  By the end, we like Ted less and Victoria's worn out her nostalgic welcome.  

Still, there was progress here, and let's hope that it actually gets us somewhere. Barney now has to wear the Ducky Tie for a year. (When will he stop making bets with Marshall?) And Ted, Robin, and Barney hanging out all the time is being called out as a potentially unhealthy arrangement. Perhaps this will lead to real plot development and progression in everyone's relationships, because the treading water isn't as cute as it used to be.

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