Writing Services

As an accomplished writer, I want to share my gift and help you find and tell your stories. I've written books, plays, speeches, and helped craft professional seminars. I've assisted other authors by editing their works, including magazine articles and fiction and nonfiction books. You can find the list of all my writing projects here.

My writing services include:
  • Ghostwriting 
  • Speech Writing
  • Script Doctor
  • Editing.

I charge on a per-page basis, and my rate depends on the type of work involved. Email me with your project information and what you are looking for, and I will respond with a quote. My price will be based on several factors, including the time-frame, the amount of pre-work required, and the number many revisions you'd like built into the project. It may take some time to fully lay out what the project entails, but I find that it goes a lot more smoothly when we iron out the details at the beginning.

Email me and we'll find your story.