Sunday, January 12, 2014

What do you call a group of leprechauns?

No, this isn't a riddle. It's a serious question. All right, fine, it's not a serious question. But it is a question that demands an answer. We have names for all sorts of groups: a pack of wolves, a flock of seagulls, a murder of crows. But what's the proper designation for a group of leprechauns? For those of you wondering what you should call such a group, here's the answer:

A luck of leprechauns. 

From now on, I propose that we call a group of leprechauns a "luck." It's the perfect name, really, as it fits with the "luck of the Irish" theme we run into the ground on St. Patrick's Day. Plus, who can resist alliteration? (Just ask Stan Lee.) Luck of leprechauns really rolls off the tongue.

Hopefully this will settle any and all arguments about the proper leprechaun terminology and we can all go back to arguing over how to pronounce "GIF."

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