My Writing

Over the years I have worked on many writing projects, from books, short stories, plays, newsletter articles, and even interactive experiences. Below is a list of all my writing projects.

Hair Like the Sun - set during World War II in the Gila River Internment camp, this play tells the amazing true story of Ruth Mix. Ruth was one of the few white volunteers who served in the camps, doing her best to work against the unjust conditions and offer hope to the Japanese Americans unjustly imprisoned there. This play was first produced my the Texas Repertory Theater in Houston, Texas.

Strange Awakening - a Youtube interactive experience. You take on the role of the protagonist in this choose-your-own-adventure style video series. Each choice you make shapes the story, and how the story ends is entirely up to you. Fully narrated with a professional soundtrack, there's never been anything quite like it on Youtube before. A Funandgeeky production.

Guardians of Suncast Dale - my first full-length novel. This fantasy adventure follows Dathanial Hawke as he tries to solve the mystery of the Guardians. These long-dead heroes are appearing everywhere in Suncast Dale, and Dathanial means to get to the bottom of it. As he digs deeper, his life becomes more complicated, and in the end, the only way to uncover the truth about the Guardians is to face the truth about himself. Full of action, intrigue, mystery, and romance, this is a fun page-turner. Available for Kindle.

Fun and Geeky Products - over the years, I have created a line of t-shirts and bumper stickers that are growing in popularity. These humorous products are perfect for the fun-loving geek in your life, especially if hat person happens to be you.

Church Scripts - Growing up in church, and being interested in drama, I found the quality of most church scripts lacking. That's why I decided to write my own, and I share them with you on this site. Here you will find scripts that run the gamut from silly to serious. I've even written a series of scripts focusing on fundraising for church-building campaigns.

Toastmaster Newsletter Articles - as an accomplished member of Toastmasters International, I've been asked to write the occasional newsletter article focusing on on public speaking. These are based on my many years of experience as an award-winning speaker, speaking coach, and public speaking professor.

Relationship Corner - I wrote a series of articles on relationships that provided insights learned not only from my experience, but from my knowledge as a communication class professor. I've taught interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills for years at the college level, and I wrote these to share my expertise