Friday, December 23, 2011

Eight Games That Made You Want to Smash the Controller

Some games are works of wonder and beauty, and playing them reaffirms our humanity. When life is hard and stressful, those games make us forget our worries and allow us to relax, giving us a rejuvenating boost that allows us to face another day.

These are not those games. These games make our urge to kill rise just a little bit each time until we prove critics right about video games causing violence by hunting down the level designer and throttling him. Instead, though, we have to stifle those murderous urges, especially since we’re more likely to take them out on our poor controller.

Today I’m chronicling eight games that made us want to destroy our controllers, from the old-school difficulty of the NES all the way to the modern era. The mere mention of these games, and certain levels within, will send gaming veterans into fits of PTSD. For every pleasant gaming memory, there is also one of these:

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