Friday, November 11, 2011

Plus 2

Plus 2
By Charles B. French

Church is more than just sitting through a weekly service, and to truly get something out of the experience, one also needs fellowship with fellow Believers and service in the church and/or community. (The Worship +2 concept)
Reference Verse: Hebrews 10:25

Characters: Three people are all giving their own testimonies about being a part of a church. Aaron only attends worship services. Billy only attends worship and Sunday-school, while Cathy attends worship, Sunday-school, and participates in ministry.

The three people stand in a row, speaking to the audience. They begin the scene very excited.

Aaron: Coming here was a breath of fresh air.

Billy: It really helped me put my life in perspective.

Cathy: Even when the sermon was so applicable it felt like the pastor had been watching me, I was better for it.

Aaron: When I was a kid coming to church was an obligation.

Billy: Now I look forward to each Sunday.

Cathy: There’s always something new to learn.

Aaron: When I miss a service?

Billy: It throws my whole week off if I can’t be there.

Cathy: I just don’t feel right if I haven’t been in a while.

Aaron: (losing excitement) But still…

Billy: Oh, there is joy in this place.

Cathy: My heart sings.

Aaron: There’s something I’m missing.

Billy: I love that time I can fellowship with my Sunday-school class.

Cathy: Knowing that it’s more than just a service, that there’s community here is what fulfills me.

Aaron: Attending church is well and good, but why do I still feel empty?

Billy: The lively discussion and even occasional debate helps me see the Bible in whole new ways.

Cathy: I don’t know how I could tackle some of this scripture on my own.

Aaron: I just don’t feel like my needs are really being met.

Billy: I know that when my friends say they’ll pray for me, they will.

Cathy: I know the truth of what Jesus said, whenever two or more gather I’ll be there.

Aaron: Does anyone even notice me?

Billy: Having people call out a warm greeting whenever I appear.

Cathy: Sometimes it’s like I’m on the show Cheers. Everyone knows my name.

Aaron: Sometimes I have so much stress.

Billy: They way they lift me up.

Cathy: It’s amazing what they’ll do for me, and what I would do for them in a heartbeat.

Aaron: It gets lonely sometimes.

Billy: (starting to lose excitement) Even when I’m in the class, though…

Cathy: It’s not just seeing people that fulfills me, though.

Aaron: Ever get the sense that there’s a piece missing?

Billy: I sometimes wonder if I’m doing it wrong.

Cathy: There’s something about rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty that brings you closer to God.

Aaron: I sit there week after week, waiting.

Billy: I’m with these people, I love them, but sometimes I still feel like I’m being left out of something big.

Cathy: There’s nothing quite like bonding over backbreaking labor.

Aaron: So many people have this spark in their eyes.

Billy: I want what they have.

Cathy: If you’ve never joined arms with a group after working for days to get a job done, to stand back and see how God gave you all the strength to carry on, I pity you.

Aaron: Where is the meaning?

Billy: What is the purpose?

Cathy: Why would anyone want to miss out on this?

Aaron: I hear about God, but He’s distant.

Billy: I sometimes hear God’s voice, but it’s faint.

Cathy: Me and God, we’re like this. (crosses fingers) He’s the big finger.

Aaron: I could just watch church on TV.

Billy: Why not sleep in? I’ve got friends. We can hang out whenever I want.

Cathy: Knowing that I’ve got something to do drives me. I’ve got a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning.

Aaron: (says this sadly) Is there something more than just worship?

Billy: (says this feeling confused) Is there something more than just fellowship?

Cathy: (says this excitedly) Is there something more I can do to serve? I know there is, and I can’t wait to get started.
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