Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hair Like the Sun - Why this play matters

Today. March 1, is Super Tuesday. Millions of Americans are going to the polls as part of the process of electing the next President. One of those candidates, a surprisingly popular candidate, has spoken of Muslim Americans in the same manner people spoke of Japanese Americans during WWII.

There are those alive today who remember what life was like behind that barbed wire, including celebrated actor George Takei. While America came to understand the tragic mistake we made after Pearl Harbor, far too many forgot those lessons in the aftermath of 9/11. Those who forget, or ignore history are doomed to repeat it. We cannot let that happen again in our great country.

It may have taken three years to bring this story to the stage, but that's because now was the time. Now is the time for all Americans to stand up against the fear-mongers who want us to hate our fellow citizens, our brothers and sisters, and divide us. Don't let the politicians and pundits' scare tactics turn you against the very ideals this nation was founded upon. We haven't always been perfect, but we strive to be better than we used to be. We cannot, we must not go back.

Don't let yourself be taken captive by fear. Don't let rabble-rousing pundits and venom-spewing politicians sell you their perverted perception of millions of Americans. Don't let yourself become history's next cautionary tale. We can be better than that. We must be. After all, when your children and grandchildren study this time in history, which side do you want to tell them you were on?

That's why this play is important. While I'm the playwright, it is bigger than just me, bigger than any one person. This is a story that needs to be told. Now. And it will be.

I've been watching this cast create something truly spectacular, and I am certain it will touch so many hearts and minds. It is my hope that those who see the play remember its lessons.

Anyway, writer  wrote a glowing article a local paper wrote about this play after interviewing me. At first I thought this would be the main focus of today's entry. It is a fantastic article. But while it is nice to see my name in digital ink, I know that there's more at stake today than just my own self-aggrandizement. Today is a day when Americans make a choice, and I hope that it's a good one. If not, then the rest of us will have to raise our voices even louder.

Here's the article: 

Hair Like the Sun - Charles B. French crafts play based on a true story

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