Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just in time for Easter

 So I decided to start making t-shirts. Now you can wear my wit and whimsy on your chest.

This shirt is why they don't let me teach Sunday School anymore, because in my efforts to relate to the kids, I might go a little overboard in bringing it to their level. Still, it's basically what happened, more or less.

You can find the rest of my slogan t-shirts here.


  1. Too cool Charles. I do like it, and am not horribly offended either.


    I remember reading a shirt once that said "Jesus Saves, everyone else takes hitpoints"


    I see that you are using Zazzle to sell your shirts. Are you happy with their service? A friend of mine and I were thinking about doing some shirts in the near future, and had considered using them.

    Thanks again for the blog, I enjoy your writing style. God bless!

    1. I just started with them so I can't say for certain how I like them, but so far it doesn't seem too bad. You might also look into Cafepress as well and see which one seems like a better fit. (You can always try both.)