Friday, November 11, 2011

To Carry A Mat

To Carry a Mat
By Charles B. French

The men who carried the paralytic to Jesus would stop at nothing, literally nothing, to see their friend healed. Still, such an act of faith could not have been easy for all of them, just as taking a step of faith isn’t always easy for us today.
Reference Verses: Luke 5:17-26

Characters: John is cynical about Jesus, and Paul has his doubts. Daniel has faith and Joshua is determined to get his friend to Jesus.

The four friends enter carrying a mat. If there is a man on the mat, he says nothing during the scene.

John: Are you sure you’re going the right way?

Daniel: Me? I was following you.

Paul: Are we even in the right town?

Joshua: I heard he was coming here.

Daniel: Those people over there seem to be in a hurry.

Joshua: Hey! Are you going to see Jesus? (pause) You are? (pause) And this is the right way? (pause) Are you sure?

John: So we are going the right way?

Daniel: Well this Jesus must be a miracle worker.

John: Why?

Daniel: Who else could get him to ask for directions?

Joshua: Funny.

Paul: Is this even going to work? I don’t want to carry our friend to another phony.

John: What have we got to lose? It’s not like he can make it worse.

Daniel: Have some faith.

John: Have you actually seen him heal?

Daniel: Well, no.

Joshua: I heard about a blind man who Jesus healed.

John: Yeah, everyone’s heard something like that and swears it’s true. You should hear what my grandmother swears is true.

Paul: Did you actually see the blind man healed?

Joshua: I know it’s true.

Paul: So you know that our friend will walk again when we take him to Jesus?

Joshua: Maybe.

John: I thought you knew.

Daniel: You’ve heard the same things we have. This can’t be only rumors.

John: Sure it can. Someone does a few tricks and everyone calls it a miracle.

Daniel: But look how many people follow him. He’s big right now.

John: And someone will come along who’s bigger.

Joshua: All I know is that this guy can heal, and he’s going to heal our friend.

Paul: Shouldn’t we ask first?

Joshua: No. Our friend is going to walk and Jesus is going to heal him.

Paul: But what if Jesus ignores us? Why would he pay attention to a cripple?

Joshua: We’ll figure it out when we get there.

Daniel: All who follow this man will be blessed. I know it.

John: I’ve heard that before.

Paul: What do you mean?

John: Someone comes along and promises great things. Miracles, freedom, riches. How many people have shown up telling us that they will get rid of the Romans? Or heal our friend? I’m tired of it.

Daniel: Have you lost all hope?

John: The Romans are still here and our friend still doesn’t walk.

Daniel: Remember our forefathers. They were in Egypt and God sent Moses to deliver them.

John: Not much comfort to the people who died before getting delivered.

Paul: I think we’re getting closer. I can hear the crowd.

Daniel: Whose house is that?

John: You can see the house? All I see is that mob.

Paul: Are we going to even see Jesus?

Joshua: We’re going to see him all right.

Paul: What are we going to do?

John: What can we do? I guess God doesn’t want our friend to be healed today.

Joshua: Just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean there isn’t a way.

Daniel: What are you planning?

Joshua: Everyone’s around the doors and windows. (He looks up.) But no one’s on the roof.
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