Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why Christians Should Oppose these "Religious Freedom" Bills

This person is also standing up for "values"
I'm a Christian, and I am vehemently opposed to this "Religious Freedom" bill in Indiana signed into law today. I'm also opposed to a similar bill in Georgia. These bills and laws aren't about religious freedom, they are a way to justify discrimination and treating people like second class citizens. Worst of all, they are using Christianity as a shield for actions that are the very antithesis of what Jesus taught. It's utterly vile, and if you believe in the Devil, I can assure you that Satan is in full support of it.

Christians need to oppose this law and others like it. These laws make our faith out to be the religion of gay-bashing. Apparently, according to these types of bills, hating gays is so integral to our faith that we need legal protections to continue our unabashed campaign of abuse. Is that really what we want people to think of Christianity, that its primary focus is making sure we can  treat gays as second class citizens? Is that how we want people to think of us?